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Market pays 11% average sales commission

US$1.10 trillions

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What is ReverCoin?

ReverCoin is a Binance Smart Chain Token created by ReverCash, a huge worldwide marketplace with partnership to 3000+ web stores. ReverCoin is not only a cryptocurrency, it is also a share of ReverCash, due to ReverCash sends monthly 30% of its profit to token holders.

Why purchase ReverCoins?

3 good reasons to purchase ReveCoins now:

A profitable Digital Asset

As a share of a company,it will grant to its owner part of the profit of ReverCash. Wonder thousands of people shopping throught ReverCash's E-marketplace at hundreds of online stores every day and part of ReverCash's comissions coming right to your account. On 3 years each ROI Token may be contributing with around 5 cents of dollar every month to its holder.

Crypto currency with ballast

As a Binance Smart Chain Token, ReverCoins can be sent to any BSC wallet as payment for products or services. Due to it represents a share of ReverCash, its price can fastly raise and mantain high once most of its holders will preffer keeping it instead of negociating it. Because of that we speculate that ReverCoin could easely goes from the value of US$ 0.01 and hit US$ 5.00 or more in few months after ICO has been finished.

More ROIs to you

In order to promote purchases through ReverCash on the following 3 years we will distribute 300 Million ReverCoins among holders that make purchases through ReverCash's E-marketplace. The amount each holder will receive will be proportional to his or hers previous year total purchases.

Our Steps

Our plan to achieve 5% of all commissions payout in Gobal B2C:

Three years ICO duration

The ICO starts on January 2018 and finish on Debember 2021. During this period the token price will raise from 0.01 cents of Dollars to 1. The total token issued is 1 billion. Where 400 million will be sold, 300 million will be distribuited in the next 3 years to token holders that make purchases through ReverCash.

Dapp ReverCash

During the year of 2020 we will implement the decentralized version of ReverCash WebSites and develop the mobile Dapp too. We will also develop some browsers extensions to make easier shopping throught ReverCash and grant more commissions to our associates.

Dividends & Exchanges

Starting on March 2019 the payments of dividends to who have already bought the token. And on January 2022 we will launch the tokens in some Exchanges and set the token price accordingly to the market demands and token holders desires.

Purchasing ROIs

We have two ways to purchase ReverCoins. The first one is by registrating at ReverCash's website and choose a ReverCoins package. The token will be delivered at the end of the ICO period, on December 2021. You will inform us the Binance Smart Chain wallet you wish us to send it. We strongly recommend Trust Wallet or MetaMask. And the other one way to buy ReverCoins is at the exchanges and the exchange If you wish to add the tokens to wallets as Metamask and Trust Wallet, the smart contract number is 0x9A5CF41DB6805F9888Fd58Bd8174eF663F5567B4. The symbol is ROI and the Decimals is 6.

Take part of this revolution!

ReverCoin Team - Exclusive for entrepreneurs

The big move

- Increase the purchasing power of your business
- Preservation of the company's financial resources
- Generating value for your enterprise
- More profitable business for everyone

Invest in digital currency for the real worldl

- You define the investment amount
- Join the ReverCoin Team
- Gain purchasing power
- Start making a profit

Immediate liquidity

Once associated, the investment is converted into ReverCoin and each company receives a credit in ReverCoins 10 times the amount purchased.
Your investment has immediate liquidity, this means that you can already use the currencies in your purchases among the other stores the accept ReverCoins and will have 1 year to pay back the coins borrowed or the amount of dollars they worth when you took the credit.

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